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What Everyone Ought To Know About Living Longer And Ageing Well

Tired of overhyped ‘Secrets’ peddled by charlatans and BS by know-nothing (yet highly paid) celebrities?  Me too.  So how would you like to discover the 7 time-tested, simple habits of the healthiest and longest lived people on the planet?  

Keep reading to find out…

Dear Friend,

If you’re interested in living and ageing well, then this will be the most interesting message you’ll read today.

Here’s why:

Turning 40 I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. Pipe cleaner arms, 6 month pregnant looking belly and spaghetti legs. I looked like a bloated frog.

And I didn’t like how I felt. 40? I felt more like 400.

And it hurt. Looking in the mirror that day I felt really sad and upset. Not the greatest way to start your 40th birthday…

Except it was.

Because I wasn’t able to afford a Porsche to distract myself from feeling old, weak and tired, I did that other stereotypical thing men in their 40’s do…

I decided to get into shape.

Cue “Eye of the Tiger” music and a Rocky-esque video montage.

Except that’s not what happened.

I spent a fortune in time, energy and money consuming what popular culture and celebrities told me I should do:

  • Build 6-pack abs
  • Lose weight fast
  • Gain muscle fast
  • Dress for more sex
  • Get back into shape

And all in just 12-weeks, 6-weeks and even 4-hours.

At first I felt great.

I did lose some fat and gain some muscle, but I very quickly felt I was on a treadmill running faster and faster, getting more and more extreme in my diet and exercise, whilst getting less and less certain about what I could do in order to stay strong and healthy for the rest of my life.


Because as you’ve probably noticed, there’s so much conflicting information and it seems to change on a weekly basis.

I started to get injured and fatter again.

If any of this is ring true with you, you want be surprised to learn I was confused and frustrated. I kept wishing I could find something solid and reliable. And then one day, completely by accident, I found it.

I was reading a newspaper a previous passenger had left on the bus and there was an article in it entitled:

“Secret of Healthy Ageing Discovered in Ground Breaking 35-Year Study”.

At first I thought, “Here we go… another ‘secret’. Leave it Marcus and turn to the funnies instead.”

But I didn’t.

I read the article and discovered five simple habits 2,500 men had been asked to follow back in 1979. Four decades on, those who’d stuck to the plan were fitter, healthier – and more alive – than those who gave up.


I went hunting and Google Scholar became my best friend.

I found more long running studies on healthy people in the scientific literature, studies from:

  • Sardinia (Italy)
  • Nicoya (Costa Rica)
  • Okinawa (Japan)
  • Icaria (Greece)
  • Acciaroli (Italy)
  • Campodimele (Italy)
  • Alameda County (USA)
  • Cardiff (UK)

To mention a few.

And that’s not all, because the more I researched, the more I noticed the same 7 habits for living well and ageing better came up time and time again. Habits proven to significantly help you to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour.

It’s the evidence from these studies and my findings from other research that form the foundation upon which I wrote my new book:

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid – Discover the 7 health packed habits proven to help you stay young your whole life.

What makes this book different from anything else available, is I’m going to present them to you in order of importance, from most important to least important.

What does this mean for you?

Well, doing it this way means that instead of trying to make sweeping changes in your life – which usually result in overwhelm and eventual failure…

With my Healthy Ageing Pyramid, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Because that’s the thing about a pyramid…

You start with the most important level at the bottom – the foundation – and when you’ve got it…

… Work on the next.

And once you’ve got that habit nailed…

You can move onto the next one.

And so on.

Which means when it comes to living and ageing well… you’ll never be confused ever again as to where to best focus your efforts.

Simply start at the bottom and work your way up.

Here’s what you’re gonna get:

Habit 1 – Develop a prevention mind-set: This is the solid foundation of healthy ageing upon which you’ll build the pyramid. In this chapter you’ll discover:

Why you’ve already won the ‘Lottery of Life’ by being born in the west.

The huge gap between what people know and what they do that causes 68 percent of all deaths worldwide. And why most of these deaths are totally avoidable. I’ll tell you how.

The health checks you want to get to spot any unwanted illnesses in their early stages, which makes treating them so much more successful.

Why you MUST change your views on ageing and I’ll show you proof that how you think about ageing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for how you will age.

The four vital areas of life where those aged 65 and above kick ass and take names over every other age group.

You’ve been lied to – I’ll share the dangerous ageing stereotypes – so prevalent in the media – you need to stay on your guard against.

Habit 2 – Make sleep a priority. You might be wondering why sleep is the next most important ageing well habit. So consider this: You’re going to spend a third of your life sleep, which means you better get it correct if you want to get the most out of your waking life. In this chapter you’ll discover:

A warning – Millions of people worldwide are experiencing problems with their sleep. If you’re experiencing significant problems with your sleep I strongly urge you to seek medical help.

What happens when you go to sleep – It’s so much more than simply switching off.

Why sleep is so vital to healthy ageing and what happens if you don’t get it – After reading this you’ll understand why you need to make quality sleep a priority.

There are two main themes to this chapter:

One: 4 tried and tested tips to help you get better quality sleep:

  1. Find out much sleep you need – I was shocked to discover we’re getting an hour less sleep each night than people did a century ago. In this chapter I’ll share a tried and tested strategy to make sure you’re getting as much as you need.
  1. Why you need to prepare for sleep – Great sleep rarely happens by accident in this rush, rush, busy, busy world you live in. In this section I’ll share the research and help you put a good nights sleep routine together.
  1. The importance of sleeping in a cave – Not literally of course, but too many folk are letting a simple problem interfere with the quality of their sleep. After reading this it’s not a mistake you’ll make.
  1. A common sense habit you want to avoid – As counterintuitive as this might sound. Doing it really screws up the important and sensitive rhythms of your body and can seriously throw you out of balance.

Two: 3 tips to help you find your sleep thought when your mind refuses to switch off:

  1. Still awake after 30 minutes in bed? Try this, it’s challenging but after a few days you’ll find yourself falling asleep within minutes of going to bed.
  1. A powerful relaxation technique – Developed by an American physician in 1929 and still popular today. Why? Because it works. You’ll find written instructions in the book and I’ve also recorded a 15 minute guided ‘meditation’ to help you master this important technique.
  1. A simple technique used by some of the top sports teams in the USA – When something’s buzzing around your head and preventing you from falling asleep, using this technique will help you get to sleep.

Finally I’ll share the astronaut’s advantage you can use to boost performance and overcome information overload – For too long now our culture has glorified the expending of energy yet failed to appreciate the benefits of rest and recovery. This underutilised activity can help you to overcome information overload and boost your performance.

Habit 3 – Cultivate Friendships: I think when you read this habit, you’ll be surprised at what a negative impact loneliness can have on your long-term mental and physical health.

This is the shortest chapter in the book, but don’t let its lack of size fool you.

Read it and you’ll discover:

  • The core fear all humans share – You’ve evolved to avoid it, because in the past it literally was a death sentence.
  • Proof of how hazardous to your health loneliness can be – Lacking social connection is said to be as comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. That’s not some overhyped gutter press headline. It’s an uncomfortable fact.
  • The Social Connection Continuum – From life and soul of the party to hermit, you’re on it somewhere.
  • An important reminder – If you’re more of an insular kind of person (like me) you need to know it’s okay to do this.
  • The one thing that keeps you out of connection with others – It’s so ridiculous, and once you’re aware of it you can get rid of it for good.
  • The only social skill you need to learn – Once you know this, you’ll never feel awkward in a social situation ever again.
Habit 4 – Eat like an Adult: Remember when eating used to be simple? I’ll show you how to make it like that again. In this chapter you’ll discover:
  • The 3 rules of food everyone can agree on – Yes, there are only 3, everything else is open for negotiation.
  • The one exercise you must do to see if you’ve already got your food nailed down in a way which promotes your good health and vitality – Get this right and the chances are you’ll never have to worry about your diet again.
  • The 2 areas you need to master in order to make food simple again – It really is this simple. And I’ll share 8 tips to help you master these 2 areas
  • Super-foods debunked – This nonsense has been going on for too long and it’s time to put a stop to it.
  • Three major limitations of food research nobody bothers to tell you about – Know this and protect yourself from the next BS headline doing the rounds of popular media. All it takes is three key questions you can ask yourself.
Habit 5 – Move more and build strength: In this chapter I’ll reveal the proven steps you can take to minimise the inevitable loss of muscle mass (and strength) as you age – If you don’t take action by the time you’re 80 you will lose about 50 percent of your muscle mass. Which means you’re weak, frail, at the risk of falls and dependant on others for daily chores. But it doesn’t have to be like this if you’ll pay attention to this habit of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid.

In this chapter you’ll discover:

  • Information of falls and fall related injuries – Falling causes serious injury and it’s a very real fear to have as you age. Read this information and protect yourself.
  • Three studies proving it’s never to late to start exercising and building strength – Find out how you can get started today on building a stronger version of yourself.
  • Four specific reasons for getting stronger – You’ll want these.
  • Two simple tests to help you plot the quickest and safest course from wherever you are now to building strength, moving more and living a more independent life.  Make improvements in the score you get for the second test can reduce your chances of dying within the next six years by 21 percent.
  • Find out the 3 kinds of exercise your body needs to thrive and another type of activity you might want to consider if healthy ageing is important to you.
  • Be amazed at 10 of the proven health benefits you can expect from the simplest and easiest form of exercise you can give your body.
  • The 5 types of basic human movements proven to give you the best strength building result – in order of importance.
  • The vital reason you need to start easy and progress slowly with exercise – This realisation will help you to avoid unnecessary pain and injury.
  • If your biggest reason for not exercising is a lack of time, you’re about to discover a type of exercise that makes this excuse obsolete forever. It’s proven to significantly improve critical biomarkers for long-term health.
  • Your brain uses two strategies to help you maintain balance and avoid falls, but they weaken with age. Discover the kinds of exercise proven to significantly reduce your risk of falls as you age. I’ve also recorded a video of a simple series of exercises that can help you to make friends with the floor again.
  • Have you ever wondered what the minimum effective dosage of exercise is? You’ll find the definitive answer on pages 10 and 11.
  • The Golden Rule of exercise – Ignore it at your peril. Most people do and there can be a heavy price to pay.
  • World famous strength coach Dan John reveals the two keys to success, most people fail on the second key.
  • The correct mind-set you need to make exercise enjoyable and safe.
Habit 6 – Manage Stress Effectively: If you master the first five habits of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid you’re already doing a great job of managing and reducing the harmful effects of stress. But just in case stress is ruining your life I put this collection together.
  • In this chapter you’re going to discover:
  • Are you stressed? My 10 question quick stress test to see if bad stress is effecting your life.
  • The danger of mistaking common for normal – This is an important understanding so few people have and it can be harmful to your health.
  • The difference between good stress and bad stress – Not all stress is bad for you, I’ll explain the difference and help you to see the benefits of good stress.
  • Problems caused by bad stress – Many folk brush off stress related illness as overemphasised. But the problems are real and you need to be aware of them.
  • Why you don’t want to (and why you can’t) get rid of stress – A negative view of stress can lead to a desire to get rid of all stress, which can be a cause of stress in its own right. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • The Inverted U Hypothesis – an elegant way to explain the stress response and one that helps you to notice when you’re sliding into The Danger Zone.
  • The General Adaption Syndrome – introduced to the world by the father of stress research Hans Selye. This simple model explains the three phases your body goes through as a result of long-term exposure to stress.
  • Your Autonomic Nervous System – Armed with this information you’ll know why your ‘fight or flight’ mode is so over stimulated and most importantly you’ll discover how to turn on your underutilised rest and recover mode.  This is a real game changer for most people.
  • Four Proven Stress Management Tools:
  1. The lessor known relative of Tai Chi that I consider this to be the most effective , drug free, way to manage the stresses and strains of 21st century life – It’s simple when you know how, and yet hardly anyone has heard of this powerful stress management tool.
  1. The popular stress management tool most people make far more complicated than it needs to be. Discover it’s proven benefits and I’ll share with you the simplest method of practicing it (it’s so valuable I even recorded a video for you showing you exactly how easy it is to do)
  1. A powerful relaxation technique developed in 1929 and still used today because it’s so effective. It’s so beneficial I even recorded a 15 minute ‘guided session’ you can listen to, to make owning this powerful relaxation technique as simple as possible for you.
  1. Why something as simple as a 10 minute walk can help your body to increase its natural flow of ‘feel good’ chemicals that can help to reduce stress, ease tension, calm anger and get rid of confusion.
Habit 07 – Supplements are Supplements In this chapter, prepare to have your beliefs shaken to the core, because you’re about to discover:
  • Why the 7th Habit of the HAP is really a red herring – Without doubt, the biggest mistake people make when it comes to living and ageing well is this one. After reading this chapter you won’t be one of them.
  • Learn more about vitamins and minerals, fish oil, supplements for ageing, antioxidants and protein – and understand why virtually everything written by the supplement industry is a mountain of hot air.
  • The only groups that should consider using dietary supplements – It’s a lot fewer than you might think.
  • If you must buy supplements, I’ll give you a list of 7 questions you must answer first.
  • Most people think dietary supplements are safe, I’ll show you why that’s not necessarily the truth and I’ll tell you how to protect yourself and make sure you’re really getting what you’re paying for.
  • 7 anti-ageing myths and lies you need to avoid being suckered by.

Each chapter finishes with an ‘In a nutshell’ review of everything covered.

Making it easy for you to focus in on what’s important.

Finally the book wraps up with probably the most important tool of them all:

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid Checklist

Actions speak louder than words. The HAP Checklist is where I help you to put everything you’ve discovered into action so you can reap the rewards in your life.

Do so and you’ll also gain freedom from uncertainty when it comes to living well and aging better.

Work through the HAP Checklist’s 25 questions and you can become a Healthy Ageing Pyramid Master, confident you’re doing all you can to stack the odds of a stronger, healthier and more independent life in your favour.

 Everything in the Healthy Ageing Pyramid book is backed up with 142 references and studies you can check for yourself to make sure what I’m telling you is based on FACTS and not magical thinking.


I had a lot of help putting this book together, here’s what some of the experts had to say when they reviewed the final edit of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid book:

Dear Marcus,
My enthusiasm about your book is sustained. You have surveyed an immense amount of imperative information, not all of which is readily grasped by the general public and translated it into words to live by. Congratulations.
Walter Bortz

Walter M Bortz, II

M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

Clarity is often the missing link in the fitness industry. You want information? Oh, we have that and we will pour it on you until you drown. Marcus’s book, Healthy Aging Pyramid, provides the simplest matrix I have ever seen for health, fitness and longevity. The important things, not necessarily six-pack abs, are primary. He discusses falling, training and taking care of the little important things well before you worry about the unimportant and even unnecessary. This book is a revelation and a joy to read.
Dan John

Dan John

Dan is an elite-level strength and weight lifting coach. He is also an All-American discus thrower, holds the American record in the weight pentathlon and has competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting and Highland Games

Physical fitness has always been an affair of the mind. It’s been said that if you can conceive a thing you can achieve that thing. And that’s what impressed me the most about Marcus. Marcus had a dream about making a difference in the physical fitness world, and this book is the realization of that dream. So many people make plans for things but never see them through. Whatever the reason, their dreams become deferred and in some places, denied. Marcus stands as the exception to that rule. We all age, some more gracefully than others. Whether it’s genetic or a lifestyle choice, how well we age remains largely up to us. Marcus’s book is designed to point you in the direction of a better and healthier life, and if you follow what he’s outlined, the benefits of a healthier life will be all yours.
Dr. Eric Thomas

Dr Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is an American motivational speaker, author and minister.

This work is a breath of fresh air. With great humor and a light-hearted touch, Marcus Santer delivers serious wisdom about health, wellness and life. Laced with insight (and the science to back it up), Marcus has created a work that is both highly informative and a pleasure to read. Highly recommended!

Danny Kavadlo

Danny Kavadlo

Author, Presenter, Trainer

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I wrote this book because I want to put an end to good folk like you wasting your valuable time, energy and money being ripped off by 21st Century snake oil salesmen and charlatans.

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And I want to do my bit to put an end to millions of needless deaths that could be avoided by the adoption of a few simple lifestyle changes.

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